The top 3 reasons why you should use a recruitment agency

The top 3 reasons why you should use a recruitment agency

At Buildwell HR Solutions, we believe in the power of what we do to find great people. A recruitment agency can be a cost-effective and efficient strategy to find and place the ideal candidate. However, some businesses are unsure whether this is the right path for them. Here are our top three reasons why every business should consider hiring through one.

1) Select from the best talent

If you use a recruitment agency, you’ll have access to a large pool of both active and passive job seekers. Recruitment agencies use networks and data-driven techniques to find you the best fitting candidates. Every stage of the recruitment process is designed to reach the highest quality candidates, and guide them through a successful application and you to the most ideal fit for your business.

It can be difficult for in-house hiring teams as they often lack access to the latest technology for finding, and conducting the candidate search. Recruitment agencies like BuildWell HR Solutions, have the expansive personal networks, access to the most relevant databases and platforms to target people that are actively searching and registers of potential applicants, to reach candidates that are passively searching for their next opportunity. According to LinkedIn, only 12% of the workforce is actively searching for a position, but 85% is open to the potential of new employment opportunities and pathways.

2) Save your precious resources

Mistakes in the hiring process can cost your business a lot of time and money. At BuildWell HR Solutions, we’ve spent years perfecting our process so that we can be great at what we do. Without a proven hiring strategy, the recruitment process can take more time than people expect. The last thing you need is a hurried recruitment, only increasing the risk of a less desirable hire. By staying on schedule with the recruitment process, you can also reduce the pressure that under staffing can put on your other employees.

A recruitment agency can save you money, by using a results-driven hiring plan. If you’re not up-to-date with the most efficient hiring techniques, you may end up spending more money than necessary on advertising and recruitment processes.

A recruitment agency will also save your personal time, by only shortlisting the most relevant candidates. Gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of applications, or spending hours in communication with job seekers. Going through an agency may also save you time in the future, as once an agency gets to truly know your business, culture, and needs, they’ll be able to fast-track your next candidate search.

3) Partnership and expert industry and hiring expertise

People are one of (if not) the most important resource in a business, so developing strategic partnerships and solutions around it is key. The best recruitment agencies recognize the collaborative nature of the work they do and go out of their way to nurture this to provide the best value to their clients by acting as a strategic partner. By developing long-term, strategic partnerships with recruitment agencies, you can utilize the knowledge and expertise they have but leverage their understanding of you, your business and your culture.

By using a recruitment agency, you’re able to capitalize on expert knowledge of your industry. Most recruitment agencies will have a specialized niche in the positions they cater for. For example, our experience is centered in business support through to management roles across all industries. We’ve become specialists in this area so we are able to offer you unparalleled service and know exactly which legislation and requirements are relevant to you.

Recruitment agencies are experts at getting the best results. It takes decades of experience and time to perfect every element of our recruitment strategy. Our results tell us that being face-to-face with our potential candidates is paramount and that communication should be at the heart of every relationship. Our recruitment strategy is backed by years of experience so we can foster the perfect match between candidates and clients. If you don’t go through an agency, then you’ll be at a disadvantage in competing against more advanced sourcing techniques.

Every business in every industry regardless of size or position can benefit from using a recruitment agency. The most important consideration for you is choosing an agency that resonates with you and your business and specializes in your type of industry or position. With the right recruitment agency, you’ll begin an incredible partnership, choose from a quality pool of people, save time and money, and benefit from expert hiring and industry knowledge.

Take the step towards stress-free, effective recruiting, and use an agency to find your kind of people.

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